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Index - Communications, Control and Signalling

This is not an area about which I know very much, there are now a number of websites with informatio in greater depth and detail than I can provide. Two of particular interest are-

Rail Signs
A site showing a wide range of signals and trackside signs from various periods of the British railway system. Well worth a visit.

The Signalbox
This web site is all about railway signalling. Its primary purpose is to describe the principles behind railway signalling in Great Britain, but some coverage of signalling around the world will also be found. The emphasis is on the older, mechanical signalling - that worked by mechanical levers and with semaphore signals.

Communications & Control Systems

Telegraph Poles, Cable Conduits and Switch Boxes

Bell Codes &Locomotive Head Codes

Signals - Mechanical Types & Fog Signals

Signals - Ground and Fixed Signals

Signals - Power Operated and Colour Light Types

Signal Boxes and Level Crossings

Track Circuits and Industrial Signals

Signals - Basic Layout Signalling

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