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Index for Railways - Outline History

Outline History of the British Railway System
This section provides an historical overview of the railway system in Britain, mainly because much of the information it contains did not fit comfortably in other sections. There are additional associated pages detailing specific areas which would not fit comfortably into a narrative thread.
For background information on matters outside the railway fence see Appendix One.

Charging for goods on the railways.
This section describes the evolution of the system of charges used by the railways. Approx two pages.

The Railway Clearing House
This section details the origin and function of the RCH.

The Common User Scheme
This section details the origin and function of the Common User Scheme which allowed the railway companies to make best use of the available rolling stock.

Some notes on the heating and lighting used on railway rolling stock.
This section considers the methods used to supply heating and lighting to railway stock, not only for passenger coaches but also for some parcels vans and the like.

Some notes on Mono-rails and other alternative approaches.
This section considers the mono-rail, tri-rail and developments such as mag-lev (invented before the First World War) and the linear motor traction system.

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