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Index - Available N Gauge Models

Note - This section was originally written in the later 1980s to assist my God Son select rolling stock, it has been updated piecemeal but is overdue for a complete overhaul. When originally written there were about thirty RTR goods vehicles on offer with a similar number of kits from various suppliers. Since that time Lima and Hornby Minitrix have ceased production but the Bachman-Farish range has expanded considerably and Dapol have entered the market. The range of kits has expanded steadily, lead by the N Gauge Society but with welcome contributions from firms such as Parkside Dundas and Parkwood Models. At the time of writing the range and quality of N Gauge goods wagons rivals that available in OO. As well as the currently available models this section also contains details of discontinued ranges (both RTR and Kits) as these may be found second hand.



Graham Farish
(Pre Bachman takeover)



Lima (discontinued in late 1980's)

Hornby Minitrix (discontinued in early 1990's)


Continental Models suitable for British use

Discontinued Kits

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