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App 3 - Passenger Stock - Coaches and multiple units
This section has recently been expanded to list as many specific types of multiple unit as possible. The list of BR operated prototypes is now I think complete but adding the relevant information will take some time.
Illustrations have been added where possible but drawings are NOT to scale.

Railmotors and Push-Pull units
Steam railmotors and steam, diesel and electric push-pull units.

Electric Multiple Units
Pre BR and BR era EMU stock (not including 'light railways' or 'underground' stock).
Includes BR classes 3xx, 4xx and 5xx series.

Diesel Electric Multiple Units
Intercity high speed units and BR(S) Hampshire and Hastings sets.
All BR classes in the 2xx series.

Diesel Multiple Units
Pre BR and BR first and second generation DMUs.
Covers classes in the BR 1xx series.

Loco Hauled Passenger Coaches
Well out of date - To be revised

Brief notes on passenger stock livery
BR era coaching stock and multiple unit liveries. To be revised as time allows.
For pre-BR liveries see under individual company headings in Liveries and Appendix Two Pre Grouping Companies.

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